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Vintec Acoustics

We provide engineering services in all areas of acoustics, noise and vibration control assessment and design, as well as electroacoustic system design. We collaborate with Architects, Urban Planners, Contractors,   Designers,  Engineers,   Facility  Managers, Developers  Property  Owners,  Landlords   and  in  all  facets  of  infrastructure.  

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and show why our exceptional service and expertise  sets us apart  from the rest of the field.

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Why Choose Vintec?

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Looking for a quality Acoustic, Noise Control & Vibration Company you can depend on? Well, look no further. We're Vintec Acoustics, available to provide you with value engineered solutions. Since 1985, we’ve been committed to being the best at what we do, serving clients by not just meeting their expectations, but exceeding them.

With a wide range of services in  acoustics, noise control and vibration that  suit your every need and requirement, our team has the know-how and expertise to get it done. Let us know how we can help, and we guarantee your experience with our professionals will be enjoyable and will yield the results you want. Feel free to contact us.

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Acoustic Design of Theatres, Performance Spaces, Halls and Places of Worship

The legacy of a space is dictated by its acoustic design and optimization.  Get the results you need in creating a legacy that your community will enjoy and be proud of for many generations. Acoustic optimization of strength, warmth, reverberation, early energy, clarity, speech intelligibility and aesthetics will be realized by bringing us in early in the design process.  We will deliver the necessary engineering detail  and  instruction  needed for  the  acoustic  and  vibration  isolation necessary for compatibility with factors such as adjacent multi-use spaces and nearby transportation.  We will ensure that sound levels from mechanical, electrical and building services equipment meet the stringent standards that befit a world class facility.  These factors will create a memorable space worthy of timeless accolades.

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Architectural Noise and Vibration Control, Building Acoustics and Wellness

"Wellness" is making its way into building design.  Vintec focuses on key influencers of wellness such as background sound level, speech privacy, sound and vibration isolation, interior acoustic treatment design and sound masking while paying particular attention to building vibration and structural dynamics.  We ensure that best practices are implemented to address acoustic comfort in commercial spaces; and in multi-use buildings by considering mechanical equipment, recreational or health/fitness facilities located near acoustically sensitive residential condominiums, offices or healthcare facilities. Our staff has extensive experience in resolving noise and vibration issues that can arise from mechanical equipment, high-level playback of high performance sound systems and the potential excitation of structures by human activity or other factors.

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Environmental Noise and Vibration Permitting and Compliance

Our  Team  will  evaluate  your  environmental  permitting 

requirements to comply with local Guidelines and Regulations for  successful  procurement  of  Environmental  Approvals.   We prepare the technical analysis, acoustic modelling and 

documentation to support approval.  Vintec also has extensive experience in acoustic audit work to address permit approval conditions and for site commissioning. Vintec engineers will also develop and project manage an environmental noise abatement plan as part of a facility’s objective for environmental noise compliance. This includes the design of state  of  the art controls such as active noise control, custom silencers and any special consideration for vibration control.  We will also manage the tender process for the design build and installation of unique and  innovative noise and vibration control solutions.

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Environmental Noise and Vibration Assessment in Land Use Planning and Municipal Approvals

Vintec Acoustics is focused and devoted to solving complex acoustical, noise and vibration challenges in land use planning and Municipal approvals.  This ranges from the preparation of noise and vibration impact studies to support approvals for site plan controls, rezoning, zoning by-law amendment and Peer review of same in accordance with Municipal and Provincial Guidelines. Vintec Acoustics also has extensive experience in the development of Municipal Noise policy; namely for developing appropriate and robust guidelines related to noise and vibration and evaluation of setbacks between sensitive lands, developments, industrial areas as well as sound barrier retrofit and resource area protection policies. Vintec staff have also appeared as expert witnesses before consolidated board and environmental review panels.

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Building Condition Assessment for Code Compliance and TARION B 19 Certification

If a building is being repurposed or renovated, we provide an assessment of the sound and vibration challenges and more importantly identify and recommend effective solutions for executing a successful project.  

For new construction, we review and certify construction drawings as required by TARION BULLETIN 19R. Vintec has extensive experience in testing the as-built condition for compliance with respective Code, best practices and applicable ordinance requirements.

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Sound and Vibration Measurement and Monitoring Services

Vintec Acoustics has extensive experience collecting and analyzing sound and vibration data ranging from outdoor events and music concerts to construction and demolition near heritage structures.   Our monitoring systems have also been deployed to assist our clients in industrial operations, power generation, waste management, aggregate production and mining in tracking and documentation of any environmental noise concerns.  Our experienced and resourceful staff is able to custom assemble and install measurement systems for long term multi-site data  acquisition with remote monitoring capability for live real time verification of compliance with specified contractual limits and/or established noise  and vibration criteria.

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Machinery Vibration, Flow Induced Vibration and Structural Dynamics

Vintec engineers and technicians have  been highly successful in dealing with design and operational issues in major mechanical equipment such as industrial gas turbine engines. This work has involved  bench testing for establishing  dynamic  behaviour of structures and components  for  predicting  the potential onset    of  failure  such as  high cycle fatigue cracking.  In the  area of industrial machinery vibration, Vintec has a strong reputation and is regularly called upon to diagnose and determine root cause in severe systemic vibration problems and for arriving at value engineered solutions to ensure long term operating viability.

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Industrial Noise and Vibration Assessment and Engineered Controls

Occupational settings in manufacturing, food and beverage plants, public utilities, shipping, construction sites, and industrial and loud commercial settings can cause adverse health effects to employees as a result of potentially excessive exposure to noise and vibration. Vintec staff will evaluate existing conditions and establish the degree of risk to an employer and suggest remedial action to minimize or eliminate the risk. As part of this work,  Vintec  engineers  will  conduct the necessary machinery diagnostic  work, provide noise  and  vibration management programs, develop engineered noise and vibration controls and solutions for a multitude of noise and vibration scenarios to ensure wellness in the work place.

Public Hearing Meeting

Mediation, Expert Witness and Testimony Services

We have presented evidence on many occasions before various reviewing  agencies,  consolidated  boards,  environmental assessment panels, public meetings and in court.  Our 30+ years of experience in a broad range of noise and vibration challenges are available to  be  called  upon  when there is a requirement to technically support or  to formulate a rebuttal for the approval of a given application or interpretation of contractual requirements.  In each case, we would  assemble a scientifically based objective case, examine and monitor evidence and support negotiations in mediation hearings to ensure that scientific  principals  and common sense are collectively upheld.

Electronics Trade-ins

Acoustics, Vibration and Electro-acoustic Product Design and R&D

Quiet acoustic design of new products and processes is in line with the increased attention that today’s world is paying to its  desire  for  both  sound  quality  and  a  quiet  soundscape. 
This ranges from creating advancements for high performance loudspeaker systems to low noise and vibration in heavy industrial equipment, private business jets and in commercial or household  appliances. Vintec staff is committed to the research and development of low noise technologies and are able to also help you investigate  the essential  technical steps necessary for the development of your "quiet"’ product.

I am a solution provider and strategic leader with over 35 years of experience in  the diverse   business of  Acoustics,  Vibration, Dynamics, Noise Control,  Sound,  Audio  Design and  Active Noise Control. I possess a strong track record in these disciplines and  I  am recognized for  a  commitment  to  innovation,  value engineering  and  in  developing  Award  winning  engineering teams. In particular, my project successes have come from solidly demonstrating  my  technical  abilities  and  for having a creative and  strategic  approach  to  solving  challenging sound  and vibration  issues  and  for  growing  technical  businesses. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to build deep professional client relationships.

Vince Gambino, P.Eng.     Principal; Acoustics Business Leader

Mobile:  416-455-5265

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